Granulation and Agglomeration seminar

On Tuesday October 25th, 2016 we will organize in close cooperation with partner companies a 1-day seminar on the topics of agglomeration and granulation. Suppression of segregation, preventing dustiness formation, creating instant properties, or facilitating dosing are all examples of themes where agglomeration and granulation can play an important role. Well known players and users[…]


Announcement Mixing Day 2016

Seminar on mixing and segregation of solids and powders During this 1-day meeting we gather parties that are active in the area of mixing of solids and powders. The day will be held in English and during the morning session lectures will be delivered by different companies: Hosokawa and Lindor have confirmed their presence and active participation[…]

Course Powders and Granules 2015

Course Powders & Granules – Physical Properties and Behaviour The course Powders & Granules will be organized on November 5-6, 2015 at our premises in Wateringen. In this 2-days course topics like granulation, powder flow behaviour, sampling, wear and attrition of particles, mixing en segregation, design of silos and hoppers and the behaviour of powders[…]

Mixing and Segregation seminar – (ont)mengdag (Dutch)

Seminar over mengen en ontmengen van vaste stoffen en poeders Tijdens deze 1-daagse bijeenkomst brengen we partijen samen op het terrein van vaste stof mengen. De voertaal is Nederlands en er worden lezingen gegeven door vooraanstaande partijen op dit vakgebied. Denk hierbij aan Hosokawa en Lindor als bekende leveranciers van verschillende type mengers evenals partijen werkzaam in het vakgebied[…]

Article overview dustiness investigations

This article has recently been published and it provides a general overview of airborne dust particles, their hazards and approaches to measure, quality, and quantify airborne dust particles. The article also includes the recent development at Delft Solids Solutions related to the so-called “Continuous Drop” methodology for respirable and inhalable dust characterization. A pdf version[…]

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Open house on May 15, 2014 (Dutch)

Delft Solids Solutions open dag en seminar Delft Solids Solutions organiseert een open dag in haar nieuwe pand in Wateringen. Op 15 mei kunt u vanaf 13:30 uur binnenlopen aan de Molenweer 2 B in Wateringen. Er is dan een poster seminar waarin we op inzichtelijke wijze onze activiteiten toelichten en u het laboratorium kunt[…]

Validated supplier of nano particle characterization

Delft Solids Solutions as validated supplier With great pleasure we can inform you that since February 17th, 2013, the laboratory of Delft Solids Solutions has been approved as validated supplier of nano particle characterization by the “Joint Research Centre” of the European Community. Especially in view of the more stringent regulations on the registration of nanomaterials and the possible[…]