June 21, 2021

Mixing and Segregation Day 2021

Mixing and Segregation 2021

The main part of this 1-day event will be an all-round seminar offering a platform for speakers from various fields of industry to share their knowledge and know how, comprising manufacturers and suppliers of mixing equipment as well as scientists and users working in the powder mixing area. Contributions to the lecture program include well-known suppliers of different types of mixers such as Lindor and Hosokawa. Also speakers from Delft University of Technology, Twente University / MercuryLab, Zeelandia, Heme, van Beek Transportschroeven, and Delft Solids Solutions will contribute through participation. The list of speakers is currently being constructed.

In this way, we have created an interesting and also interactive program designed for anyone who is working or studying the mixing and segregation of powders and powder blends as well as those who work in the field of powder technology. We offer both experimentally oriented lectures and modelling contributions to link theory to practice. Unfortunately, due to the recent and current Covid-19 situation, the characteristic hands-on learning part has not been scheduled in this edition.

An American publication from 1930 describes about 2000 recipes for mixtures of solid and liquid substances. Over the years, scaling occurred, there are more and more types of mixtures produced and also the quality requirements are much stricter. Starting from the nineteen fifties mixing really became a field of study as well as industry, where segregation became an error source to constantly be aware of and deal with.

Mixing being a very important aspect in preventing segregation to the lowest degree possible requires a specific look at mixing technology as well as the science of powder behavior. It is important to understand the basics in regard to the requirements needed for an ideal mixer suiting your specific needs. The basic requirements for an ideal mixer could for example be the ability to produce a homogeneous mixture and maintain the quality of the product within a specific time period. Handling, usage and hygienic aspects play an important role in terms of easy emptying and cleaning of the mixer. Another important aspect to take into account is user friendliness: easy to use, level of maintenance, as well as energy consumption.

Practical information

When: Tuesday 26 October 2021 – tentative date

8:45 a.m. arrival with coffee. Official program starts at 9.30 a.m.

Location: Worldhotel Wings, The Hague Airport Hotel & Conference Centre, Rotterdam


The Mixing Day 2021 participation is offered at a rate of € 395.00 ex VAT per person.

If you intend to come with a larger group please contact us through +31 174 271 460, we will then handle your registration process by phone and offer group discounts.

Seminar program

The seminar program is close to being finalized…

8:45    Arrival and welcome with coffee/tea

9:30    Opening and Introduction Mixing and Segregation Day

9:45    Gabrie Meesters – PPE – Delft University of Technology

           “ Mixing and Segregation go Hand-in-Hand ”

10:25  Bastiaan Soeteman – Lindor B.V.

           “ Poorly Segregated or Well Mixed? ”

11:05  Coffee/tea break (25 min)

11:30  Daan Goris – Hosokawa Micron B.V.

           “ Mixing Processes at a Glance

12:10  Chris Esseboom – Delft Solids Solutions

    “ Unanticipated Results of Different Segregation Potential Testing Methods “

12:50  Lunch (50 min)

13:40  Hendrik van der Meulen – Heme NV

   “ Solutions and Practical Cases for Mixing, Grinding, Sieving and Repacking “

14:20  Bas Boerboom– van Beek Schroeftransport

           “ Temperature-controlled Continuous Mixing ”

15:00  Refreshment break (20 min)

15:20  Thomas Weinhart – MercuryLab / University of Twente

          “ From Lab Tests to a Mixer Design: Multi-scale Modelling of Mixing and Segregation ”

16:00  Mario Cuelenaere – Zeelandia

           ” Recipe Modification and Segregation “

16:40  Closure and End

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