January 15, 2019

Particle Engineering day 2019

Particle Engineering day 2019

On Tuesday May 21, 2019 we will organize in close collaboration with a number of partner companies the Particle Engineering day covering different themes associated with making of powders and particles out of liquid phase. Meanwhile contributions from Kreber B.V., TUDelft Product Engineering, Nouryon, IP&D experts, TUDelft Process & Energy, Delft Solids Solutions, and Batenco have been confirmed.

Lectures delivered during this seminar will be devoted to e.g.

  • Why from liquid phase to solid matter?
  • The pros and cons of prilling
  • Ins and outs of crystallization
  • Spray drying
  • Crystallization in salt research
  • Applications of spray drying in dairy research
  • Practical implementation of particle engineering methods in industry

The seminar offers an interactive program designed for anyone who is working in the field of powder and particle engineering, processing, formulation, transport, storage, drying, and related unit operations.

Besides lectures, part of the afternoon session will also be devoted to hands-on activities. The main goal of this event is sharing knowledge on this theme. The seminar ends with a networking event in the hotel bar.

Practical information

Date: Tuesday May 21st, 2019

Location: Worldhotel Wings, The Hague Airport Hotel & Conference Centre, Rotterdam

8:45 - Arrival with coffee/tea
Cost: € 395,- (excl. VAT)

Coordinates of the hotel are:

Rotterdam Airportplein 55, 3045 AP Rotterdam, The Netherlands

A route description can be found under this link.

Program and Presentations

The program of the seminar will be available soon...

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