January 28, 2022

Particle Transport & Storage Day 2022

Particle Transport and Storage day 2022

On Tuesday June 14, 2022 we will organize in close collaboration with a number of partner companies the Transport and Storage day covering different themes associated with transport of powders and granules and the storage thereof.
Institutions that have confirmed to contribute to the lecture program are ESI Eurosilo, TSE silos, Innofour, TUDelft, AZO, Volkmann, and Delft Solids Solutions.

Lectures and case studies delivered during this seminar will be devoted to e.g.

  • On the necessity of solids transport and storage including logistics
  • Pneumatic transport in dilute and dense phase
  • Modelling particle transport
  • Prediction and testing of particle wear during pneumatic conveying
  • Powder flow and hopper design
  • Construction of hoppers and selection of wall material
  • Practical implementation of silos in industry
  • Caking during transport and storage of solid materials

The seminar offers an interactive program designed for anyone who is working in the field of powder and particle handling, processing, formulation, drying, particle performance, and related unit operations. As we have scheduled overview lectures that are applicable to all industries ranging from food, feed, pharmaceutical and cosmetics to chemicals, this seminar is of interest to a very broad audience. The main goal of this event is sharing knowledge on this theme. We have also scheduled an interactive hands-on part in the afternoon where the participants will work in teams on various case studies associated with the topic. The seminar ends with a networking event in the hotel bar.

Practical information

Date: Tuesday June 14th, 2022

Location: Fletcher hotel Wings, The Hague Airport Hotel & Conference Centre, Rotterdam

8:45 - Arrival with coffee/tea
Cost: € 450,- (excl. VAT)

Coordinates of the hotel are:

Rotterdam Airportplein 55, 3045 AP Rotterdam, The Netherlands

A route description can be found under this link.

Program and Presentations

The program is currently being set-up, speakers are known...

8:45    Arrival and welcome with coffee/tea

9:30    Opening and Introduction Mixing and Segregation Day

9:45    Prof. Dingena Schott - Delft University of Technology

           “ Logistics in Transport and Storage ”

10:25  Freek Deunk – TSE silos

           “ Silo and Hopper Design according to Eurocode 1991-4 ”

10:55  Coffee/tea break (20 min)

11:15  Frank van den Hoogen – ESI Eurosilo

           “ t.b.a.

11:45  Corné Daane – AZO

          “ Gentle Pneumatic Transport by AZO “

12:15  Lunch (50 min)

13:10  Marcel Thunnissen – Volkmann

          “ Applications of Pneumatic Conveying “

13:40  Maarten Groothoff – Innofour

           “ t.b.a. ”

14:10  Sean Xu – Delft Solids Solutions

          “ Understanding and Quantifying Undesired Phenomena during Transport and Storage ”

14:40  Introduction case studies in teams and refreshment break

Working on case studies by the various teams

16:10  Presentations on outcome case studies

16:40  Closure and Networking event in the hotel bar

17:30 End

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