Small rotating drum research for nano particles in dust NOW available

Finally, after a substantial delay during the preceding COVID period, we have now finalized the construction of the so-called Small Rotating Drum following the EN 17199-4 standard. During our previous NENovation-award participation we have called this drum the “NANOdrum”. The award winning video can be watched under this link. The photograph below clearly shows that[…]

Mixing of Powders

Mixing & Segregation seminar old-style – 17 November 2020

We will organize the previously-postponed seminar Mixing & Segregation on Tuesday November 17, 2020!! In contrast to the currently-organized webinars and on-line meetings, the Mixing & Segregation seminar will be a traditional physical event, though the number of participants will be restricted due to the COVID-19 guidelines. This edition of the seminar will therefore not[…]

Seminar on Mixing and Segregation – May 26 2020 – program available!

On Tuesday May 26 2020, Delft Solids Solutions will organize its annual seminar, this time devoted to Mixing and Segregation of powders. We have been working hard to construct an attractive program, which is a nice blend of equipment related information, experimental, prediction, and modelling contributions. The program can be found on the following page:

Sponsorship and Participation Blending & Segregation meeting 9-11 December 2019

On December 10-11, the SciFora will organize the Blending & Segregation conference in Enschede, The Netherlands. This 2-day conference is devoted to the theoretical and experimental aspects of blending and segregation. Delft Solids Solutions is sponsoring this event. On Wednesday December 11, Patrick Verolme will deliver a podium presentation on the practical aspects of segregation[…]

Hands-on day 2019

NEW – Powder Hands-on Day 2019

On Tuesday October 22, 2019, we’ll organize our first powder hands-on day. During this highly interactive event, we will actively work with participants on various instruments devoted to powder and particle characterization. In this way, you learn how to practically use various techniques and you understand the challenges associated with using these instruments and methodologies[…]