avril 21, 2016

Heubach dust analysis – rotating drum principle

Heubach is the European standardized test method for the determination of dustiness or dust generated by the handling of powders, granules, tablets, etc. These emissions tend to generate human diseases or cause other environmental effects.

In the Heubach dust meter, the sample is placed in a stainless steel drum equipped with three blades. Handling and conveying is simulated by the rotation of the drum. By means of a well-controlled air flow, the dust released is transferred to a sampling section where it is pre-separated aerodynamically and the airborne particles are deposited onto a filter. The dust particulates on the filter are quantified and can be used for further analyses, e.g. particle size analysis or density analysis. The methodology is practiced in accordance with the DIN 55 992 standard.

The instrument used in our laboratory is a third generation Heubach dust meter equipped with a type I or type II supplementary. In case of the type II accessory, the method is referred to as the Stauber-Heubach dust test.