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Research and development

The core business of our research laboratory is to solve complex physico-chemical problems in materials science.

The infrastructure of our laboratory includes dedicated research set-up for studying flow behavior, shear, cohesive character of powders, dustiness, attrition and strength of particles, wettability, and mixing and segregation of powders.

Our research laboratory furthermore employs a wide variety of more fundamentally-oriented physical characterization techniques with particular emphasis on specific surface area of solids, adsorption, porosity and pore size analysis, density, chemical composition and particle size of solids, but also sprays and aerosols. The majority of our methodologies can be executed according to various ASTM or ISO standards and on customers’ specification.

With our well-equipped laboratory we can guarantee high throughput of samples and short turn-around times of typically less than 10 working days in case of analysis services.

In addition to our recognized expertise in the field of particle and powder technology, we now also execute materials development activities related to small scale unit operations such as milling, mixing , granulation, coating and pneumatic transport. In this way we can support start-up companies or even mature companies that are working on the development of a new product (line).

Recent European Commission regulations have stimulated us to also enter into the field of nano-particle research employing the EC-recommended approach both for solids and dustiness assessment.

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