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Powder Processing for materials development

In our field testing area we have various types of powder processing equipment to mimic powder unit operations on smaller scale. These equipments enable to process powder materials and granular matter in the sub-kilogram or lower kilogram range. In this way we can assist companies that are in the stage between lab-scale (grams scale) and pilot plant scale ( tens to hundreds of kilograms) and start-up companies that need product development opportunities in the kilogram range.

We offer powder processing related product development by milling in conventional ball mills, high impact ball mills, or centrifugal mills. Also cryogenic milling can be applied for materials. Mixing can be attained by means of low shear to high shear mixers. We can also work under inert conditions to avoid oxidation or impact of moisture. A Granulation process of powder to granules is available by a disc granulator, pan granulator, or a high shear granulation set-up. Coating of solid matter is performed at ambient conditions or at higher temperatures depending on the materials processed and the type of coating process of interest. Pneumatic transport of powders and granules can be done in the test-up capable of executing dilute or dense phase pneumatic conveying. In the pneumatic transport experiments, also wear and attrition can be studied. Finally, we also have a 10 cm diameter fluid bed set-up to investigate fluidization of powder materials.

The strength of our approach is that we have our characterization and testing possibilities at hand. In this way we can in any stage of the process test the quality and physical properties of the materials. This can be done based on particle size, density, surface area, flowability and many other physical aspects.

On request, Delft Solids Solutions can assist in your product development ; please contact us for more details.