May 12, 2016

Bulk solids

Delft Solids Solutions determines the powder properties of your bulk solids

Many industrial processes involve bulk solids, such as granular solids and bulk powder. The flowability of powder in bulk can be affected by a large variety of physical characteristics, such as density, compressibility, cohesiveness, humidity, particle size distribution and shape. With its excellent powder analysis services, Delft Solids Solutions can test and characterize the powder properties of your bulk solids. This can help you to understand, control and optimize the processing and handling of your bulk materials.

A wide range of modern techniques is employed, including Heubach and Stauber Heubach dust analysis, shear testing according to Jenike (ASTM D 6128), Schulze (ASTM D 6773) or Peschl (ASTM D 6682), and Hosokawa powder testing (ASTM D 6393) as a floodability and flowability test method. We perform our powder analysis in the Netherlands in our state-of-art laboratories, but can do bulk solids characterization for clients from all over the world.

Measurement of powder flowability and other bulk powder properties by Delft Solids Solutions

Delft Solids Solutions is your reliable contract partner for the analysis of bulk solids, including the determination of powder properties such as powder flowability and floodability, dustiness and crushing strength. Bulk powder testing on flowability is based on the characterization of bulk solids by seven mechanical measurements supported by another three powder analysis methods. Comparison to the standardized analysis results of approximately 3000 different bulk materials by R.L. Carr gives accurate information about the flowability of the powder.

As your trusted powder analyzer, Delft Solids Solutions can also do dust and segregation testing, for instance. Abrasion during handling, production and transport can cause dust and segregation, which may seriously affect bulk powder properties and thus the quality of your materials. Insight into powder flowability, dustiness, segregation and other characteristics of your bulk solids can help you to improve your processes. An expert in powder testing, Delft Solids Solutions is happy to provide this insight to you.

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