May 12, 2016

Dust analysis laboratory

Delft Solids Solutions: the dust analysis laboratory for swift and accurate results

A dust analysis laboratory that works accurately and quickly can be an asset to many companies. As an experienced specialist in the determination of dustiness, Delft Solids Solutions is happy to be this trusted dust analyzer for your company. Dust may be generated in various production processes and dust particulates can cause serious health hazards. A thorough dust analysis can help to develop products that are less dusty and to reduce dust exposure by improving processing methods. Our state-of-the-art analytical labs can quantify and analyze dust and can also be your reliable partner in many other aspects of solids and soil analysis.

Our dust analysis laboratory performs its laboratory tests in the Netherlands, but works for companies all over the world and serves a wide variety of market segments.

Dustiness determined through Heubach dust analysis by Delft Solids Solutions

For a reliable analysis of dust, leading dust analysis laboratory Delft Solids Solutions uses the Heubach dust analysis method. This method is described in DIN 55992. A similar method is also described in the European standard on dustiness testing in relation to workplace exposure, EN 15051. In the Heubach dust analyzer, the sample is placed in a stainless steel drum. Rotating this drum simulates the handling and conveying of powders, granules, tablets, et cetera. The dust particulates released are quantified and can be analysed further in our well-equipped analytical labs. This dust analysis can include particle size analysis or density analysis, for instance.

The instrument used in our dust analysis laboratory is a third generation Heubach dust meter outfitted with a type I or type II supplementary. The state-of-the-art equipment for dustiness determination is operated by the knowledgeable staff of our dust analysis laboratory to guarantee the best results.

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