May 12, 2016

Segregation analysis

Reliable segregation analysis of powders by Delft Solids Solutions

Segregation analysis by Delft Solids Solutions is a powerful tool to help you predict, alter or control the segregation characteristics of your products. Segregation in materials is a well-known phenomenon, particularly in mixes of powders with different sizes, shapes and densities. Although much effort is put in creating homogenous mixtures, this powder segregation effect tends to be overlooked quite often. Our analysis laboratory can do segregation testing in order to quantify the extent to which samples of your intermediate or final products are affected by this phenomenon.

Using top laboratory equipment, we assess the fluidization segregation tendency of powders in accordance with the ASTM D 6941 standard practice. Our reliable segregation analysis can deliver valuable information on how to avoid or minimize particle segregation during material handling.

Segregation testing by Delft Solids Solutions to quantify powder segregation

Segregation analysis is a useful experimental approach to improve our understanding of how transportation and handling can lead to unwanted powder segregation. This type of segregation testing can be done accurately at the analysis laboratory of Delft Solids Solutions. In this segregation test, a set volume of a powder sample is fluidized and then collected in different fractions. In this fluidization segregation test, we subsequently determine typical characteristics of the top and bottom fractions in order to quantify the sample’s tendency to segregate.

Even a well-mixed system may show powder segregation during certain stages of the handling and production process. Particle segregation might take place, for instance, during discharge in a bin or when loading a powder in a tablet press. Through segregation testing the segregation analysis specialists of Delft Solids Solutions can predict when and to what extent this will occur.

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