May 12, 2016

BET analysis

BET analysis and much more: sample analysis services by Delft Solids Solutions

Delft Solids Solutions is an independent laboratory that offers a wide range of porosity analysis services, including the well-known BET analysis for example.

The principle of BET surface area testing is that at lower pressures gas adsorbs to solids in a monolayer. The analysis lab can then calculate the surface area covered by this layer based on the number of gas molecules in a monolayer and the dimensions of an individual molecule.
Monolayer formation of gas molecules is thus applied to determine the specific surface area, while the principle of capillary condensation can be used to analyze porous characteristics such as pore volume and pore size distribution.

Surface area and micropore analysis using the BET analysis method is just one of the many specialties of the analytical services laboratories of Delft Solids Solutions.

The analysis methods applied by our materials analysis service also include, amongst many others, chemical composition analysis techniques such as thermogravimetry analysis and the neutron activation analysis method or particle size analysis techniques like laser diffraction analysis.

Materials analysis service Delft Solids Solutions: your high-quality BET analysis lab

From BET analysis to neutron activation analysis: materials analysis service Delft Solids Solutions is the reliable contract analysis laboratory that can research and characterize your solids and powders swiftly and accurately.

Whether you are in need of a thorough laboratory analysis to determine the properties of medicines or are looking for a specialist in particle science analysis to improve the performance of sorbents, we offer the reliable materials analysis services that provide the answers you want.

Our analysis lab employs a wide variety of physical characterization techniques with particular emphasis on specific surface area analysis of:

  • Solids
  • Adsorption analysis
  • Porosity analysis
  • Pore size analysis
  • Density analysis
  • Composition analysis
  • Particle size analysis of solids, sprays and aerosols

Moreover, we possess dedicated equipment for lab services related to flowability analysis, crushing strength, cohesion and other parameters for (bulk) solids characterization.

Our materials analysis service has expert technicians working on your BET analysis or any of the other sample analysis services you request. Please fill in our contact form for more information.