May 12, 2016

BET surface area analysis

BET surface area analysis by Delft Solids Solutions

Surface area and porosity are important characteristics that influence the quality and utility of many materials. BET surface area analysis by gas adsorption is the most widely used technique to characterize the surface area of solid materials.

Delft Solids Solutions is a contract research and analysis lab in Holland that ranks the characterization of the surface area of solids amongst its many specialties. For this, the BET surface area method is one of our preferred techniques. Adsorption of nitrogen at a temperature of 77 K is mostly measured over porous materials.

In specific cases, such as the micropore analysis of zeolites or activated carbons, we frequently prefer the use of argon or carbon dioxide adsorption. Accurate BET surface area analysis of samples with a small surface area is done using krypton gas adsorption.

Delft Solids Solutions: your dedicated lab for micropore analysis

Micropore analysis, including BET surface area analysis, is an important tool to help determine the characteristics of a variety of solids, such as:

  • Medicines
  • Catalysts
  • Rocks
  • Sorbents

Delft Solids Solutions is one of the leading independent material science labs that can perform these types of analyses for you. Our staff can measure specific surface areas (using BET surface area or related surface area analysis methodologies), pore volume, density and metal dispersion of various materials, as well as perform macro, meso or micropore analysis of pore size distributions, for instance.

For each specific application our analytical service labs use a multitude of dedicated instruments and experimental conditions.

In addition to BET surface area analysis and related surface area characterization methods, we also offer particle size and droplet size analysis services, amongst many others. Droplet size analysis can be used to enhance inkjet printing technology or optimize nozzle design, for example.