May 12, 2016


Chemisorption, physisorption and other analytical lab techniques: Delft Solids Solutions

Chemisorption, physisorption and various other sophisticated analysis methods are amongst the many analytical lab techniques used by Delft Solids Solutions, an independent material sciences corporation that provides high-quality lab services.

We employ a wide variety of physical characterization techniques with a particular focus on:

  • Surface areas
  • Adsorption
  • Porosity characteristics (measured using chemisorption, physisorption or mercury porosimetry, for instance)
  • Pore size analysis
  • Density
  • Chemical composition
  • Particle size measurement of solids, sprays and aerosols

Furthermore, we are your laboratory partner for the development of mesoporous materials, including zeolites in particular.

Our laboratory also features dedicated equipment for the determination of floodability, cohesion, crushing strength and other parameters that characterize solid materials. No matter if it concerns chemisorption, physisorption or other analyses, we can guarantee high throughput of samples and short turn-around times.

Particle size measurement? Chemisorption and physisorption? Delft Solids Solutions delivers

Dutch-based research and analysis laboratory Delft Solids Solutions is your reliable contract partner when it comes to chemisorption, physisorption, particle size measurement and many other material characterization methods.

Chemisorption and physisorption are used to analyse pores and surface area related parameters, which are major factors in the performance of:

  • Catalysts
  • Medicines
  • Pigments
  • Sorbents
  • Rocks
  • Other materials

Particle sizes, shapes and distribution are also important physical characteristics that strongly influence the behavior of solids and powders. These can be determined using analytical lab techniques such as the photon correlation spectroscopy method, for example.

With heterogeneous samples, fractionation by sieving can be a first step in the process of particle size measurement, distribution and characterization.

All of these techniques and many more, also including various methods for chemical composition analysis, can be performed in the highly specialized lab of Delft Solids Solutions. And no matter whether it concerns chemisorption, physisorption or another technique, we provide you swiftly with the information that you need.