May 12, 2016

Helium pycnometry

Helium pycnometry density measurements by Delft Solids Solutions

Helium pycnometry is a method to gather information on the true or real density of porous materials. Helium molecules can enter even the smallest voids or pores. This fact is used to measure the volume of a material of which the weight is known.

Combining the results of the helium pycnometry method with density values measured using other techniques, like mercury intrusion porosimetry, can yield additional information on a material’s porosity.
This type of information can be important for optimizing medicinal properties, for instance, or when analyzing rocks, the mechanical and physical properties of which are strongly influenced by pore spaces.

Independent materials analysis service Delft Solids Solutions has the equipment and know-how to swiftly and accurately perform a helium pycnometry analysis for you and solve any other analytical problems you might have.

Porous materials investigated for you by materials analysis service Delft Solids Solutions

Helium pycnometry, physisorption, chemisorption and mercury intrusion porosimetry: leading materials analysis service Delft Solids Solutions can use all of these methods to analyze the porosity and surface area of solid and porous materials for you. No matter whether it concerns:

  • Catalysts
  • Medicines
  • Sorbents
  • Rocks

The properties of these materials are strongly dependent upon their porous and surface characteristics.

Amongst our many analytical lab services is (BET) surface area analysis by physical gas adsorption (physisorption). This method, which includes nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide or krypton gas adsorption, is used to analyze smaller pores.

For porous materials exhibiting larger pores, mercury porosimetry is our preferred technique. The results can be combined with density measurements by helium pycnometry to obtain additional information on porosity. Medicinal properties, rocks properties and more can be revealed by this type of materials analysis service.