May 12, 2016

Mercury intrusion

Mercury intrusion porosimetry at Delft Solids Solutions: your solids characterized

The services of research and analysis lab Delft Solids Solutions include, amongst others, the measurement of porosity. Mercury intrusion porosimetry, physical gas adsorption and chemisorption are used to characterize pores and surface area related parameters.
Whereas gas adsorption is merely used for the analysis of smaller pores, mercury porosimetry testing is particularly applicable to materials featuring larger pores.

The latter porosity test method provides insight into a materials:

  • Porosity
  • Pore volume
  • Pore size distribution
  • Density

In addition to mercury intrusion porosity analysis and other porosity and surface area measurement methods, Delft Solids Solutions focuses on particle sizing, size distribution and particle shapes using techniques such as laser diffraction, on chemical composition analysis and on the development of micro materials.

Whether you are looking for independent specialists in mercury intrusion porosimetry or a lab service in Holland that can perform photon correlation spectroscopy, Delft Solids Solutions is your trusted partner.

The porosity testing specialists of Delft Solids Solutions

Porosity testing of solids is one of the strong suits of analysis laboratory Delft Solids Solutions.
One of the methods that we apply is mercury intrusion porosimetry, which makes use of the non-wetting properties of mercury to determine the porous characteristics of materials.

Prior to the mercury porosimetry analysis, moisture is removed from the porous structure through degassing. In addition to the measurement of porosity within particles, data regarding the spaces between particles (interparticle porosity) can be derived.

However, Delft Solids Solutions is not just your lab partner for mercury intrusion porosimetry and other porosity testing methods. We also focus on various techniques geared at the determination of material composition and particle size, for instance. Therefore, if you’re in need of a sieve analysis laboratory or a laser Doppler velocimetry laboratory, for example, we can also be of service.