May 12, 2016

Particle size analysis

Not just your ordinary particle size analysis laboratory: Delft Solids Solutions

If you’re looking for something more than just a particle size analysis laboratory, you need to look no further.

Delft Solids Solutions is a material science laboratory that not only offers a wide range of sample analysis services, but can also help you develop new materials, for instance.
And that’s not all. In addition to particle size analysis using an array of methodologies – from laser Doppler velocimetry to sedimentation analysis or the electrical sensing zone technique (basically a variation on Coulter Counter analysis) – we can perform many other analytical laboratory services related to solids and powders in particular.

Thus, Delft Solids Solutions can help you to gain insight into the performance of medicines, the properties of catalysts and much more by analyzing multiple aspects of your materials.

Instead of calling our lab in Delft, the Netherlands, a particle size analysis laboratory you could therefore just as easily call it an image analysis laboratory, a sieve analysis lab or a photon correlation spectroscopy laboratory.

Top-quality materials analysis service by Delft Solids Solutions

For extensive materials analysis service, independent particle size analysis laboratory Delft Solids Solutions is your partner in particle science.

We are a quality contract laboratory with many high-grade particle testing facilities. Apart from sizing analysis services like:

  • Pore size measurement
  • Size distribution analysis
  • Particle shape characterization
  • Droplet size analysis

Our test laboratory is also perfectly suited for the determination of other particle characteristics, including chemical composition analysis and density analysis for instance.

As a fully-fledged materials analysis service we are also happy to support you as a zeolites materials laboratory, developing new compounds in the field of combined micro and mesoporous materials.

In short: particle size analysis laboratory Delft Solids Solutions is a specialist that can cover many, if not all, of your bases when it comes to materials characterization analysis and development.