May 12, 2016

Particle size analyzer

Delft Solids Solutions: our particle size analyzer at your service

A particle size analyzer is an important tool for the characterization of many solids and powders, which make up the majority of industrial materials and products.
After all, particle size and particle size distribution, along with particle shape, strongly influence the behavior of these materials during processing and handling.

Delft Solids Solutions is a particle sizing laboratory that can quickly and accurate perform a particle size measurement on a variety of samples for you.

Closely related to particle size analysis is the droplet size analysis of nebulizers, sprays and other aerosols. A droplet size analyzer is mostly used to enhance nozzle design, improve inkjet printing technology, curb excessive use of pesticides and increase the effectiveness of medicines.

As an experienced droplet and particle size analyzer, we use a variety of modern techniques in our particle science laboratory, including laser diffraction, photon correlation spectroscopy, and scanning electron microscopy for example.

Accurate particle size measurement by Delft Solids Solutions

Particle size measurement is one of the specialties of Delft Solids Solutions. As a leading independent contract lab we have ample experience with the particle size analyzer and can guarantee you swift and solid results.

For particle sizing we have a wide range of particle sizing methods at our disposal, including:

  • Image analysis
  • Laser Doppler velocimetry
  • Electrical sensing zone
  • Sieve analysis

Also when it comes to other types of particle science analysis our particle testing lab is happy to be of service to you.

Delft Solids Solutions is perfectly equipped to do particle shape analysis or size distribution analysis as well, for example.
We can also be your trusted lab partner when it comes to pore size measurement or if you’re in need of a density analyzer. And no matter if it concerns particle size measurement using the particle size analyzer or another type of particle characterisation, you can be assured that our experienced specialists handle all of your samples with great care and accuracy.