May 12, 2016

Porosity test

A porosity test of your materials by Delft Solids Solutions

The porosity test is a key analytical method when it comes to the testing of solids and powders.
After all, the effectiveness, activity and performance of materials such as these are strongly influenced by their porosity and surface area characteristics.

For a reliable porosity analysis service, contact testing laboratory Delft Solids Solutions. For the measurement of porosity , we possess a wide range of state-of-the-art solids and powder testing equipment.

The porosity tests we can do for you include, for instance:

  • Mercury porosimetry
  • Chemisorption
  • Physisorption

In the case of the latter technique, the nitrogen adsorption method is used most frequently, but adsorption of other gases can be done by our laboratory test service as well.

Helium pycnometry, a density test method that can deliver valuable data in a powder flowability test, amongst others, is also part of the broad range of porosity test techniques that we use.

The porosity test, the powder flowability test and more: Delft Solids Solutions

The behavior of fine powders and particles during transport, handling and processing is dependent upon a wide variety of physical properties.

Using the porosity test, the powder flowability test and a variety of other analytical techniques, Delft Solids Solutions – a provider of independent lab services in Delft, the Netherlands – can accurately determine many of these essential properties for you.

Our sophisticated test laboratory employs a wide range of chemical composition, sizing and porosity measurement techniques. Many of these laboratory testing methods can be executed according to ASTM or ISO standards or based on customer specifications.

Delft Solids Solutions is your dedicated laboratory partner, whether it concerns sieve testing, X-ray fluorescence testing or the performance of a powder flowability test of your product.

Size, composition and porosity test results or other laboratory test analysis data requested typically can be provided within 10 working days.