May 10, 2016

Porosity measurement

Delft Solids Solutions: your trusted partner in porosity measurement

Porosity measurement is an important tool to gain further knowledge about the properties of porous materials.

Delft Solids Solutions is a contract research lab that can perform a variety of porosity measurements for you, including pore volume measurement and pore size measurement.
For the measurement of porosity a variety of porosity measurement techniques can be applied by us. Amongst these are gas adsorption measurement (physisorption as well as chemisorption), mercury intrusion porosimetry and helium pycnometry, for example.

Porosity analysis in the Netherlands is one of many material characterization services offered by Delft Solids Solutions, a company that can provide extensive physics lab help to anyone in need of the determination of physical properties of solids and powders in particular.Other examples, apart from porosity measurement are:

  • Particle size measurements
  • Powder behavior (floodability and flowability measurement)
  • Density measurement

Experiments are performed according to a wide variety of standards, using state-of-the-art laboratory equipment. Thus you are ensured of test results of the highest quality and reliability.

Flowability measurement and more by Delft Solids Solutions

Flowability measurement is amongst the many strong suits of Delft Solids Solutions. As a lab for research, analysis and characterization of solids, powders and droplets, we furthermore focus strongly on all types of porosity measurement.

As part of our porosity analysis service we can do an extensive pore volume measurement, for instance. In addition to porosity, particle size, distribution and shape are often essential physical characteristics when it concerns the behavior of powders. Their analysis is important in areas like:

  • Emulsions stability
  • Catalyst activity
  • Paint appearance and performance
  • Crystal growth
  • Ceramic and alloy properties
  • Wastewater management

Apart from size and porosity analysis, our specialists also devote themselves to the measurement of the chemical composition of various materials, including the measurement of chemical gases, the measurement of chemical liquids and the measurement of chemical solids.

Whether it concerns flowability measurement, porosity measurement or any of our other analytical services, Delft Solids Solutions guarantees a swift turn-around and high throughput of samples.