May 12, 2016

Powder characterization

Your materials science lab for powder characterization: Delft Solids Solutions

For the best insight into the behavior of the powders you use, powder characterization is a must.

The materials characterization team of Delft Solids Solutions is specialized in powder testing. In our well-equipped materials science lab, we can perform a wide range of physical characterization tests for you.

An example is the adsorption of nitrogen by powder particles, also known as physisorption, a porosity testing method that can reveal useful information about pore and surface area characteristics.

For the analysis of powder particle size and distribution, which can be important when it comes to crystal growth and catalyst activity for instance, we can apply a variety of modern methods including light scattering techniques.

Moreover, our powder analysis service includes the determination of the floodability and flowability of powder. Whatever types of powder characterization you choose, Delft Solids Solutions has the dedicated and state-of-the-art powder testing equipment needed for optimum results.

Delft Solids Solutions for porosity testing and other material characterization techniques

Porosity testing is one of the solids and powder characterization techniques that can provide a lot of valuable information on the performance of:

  • Rocks
  • Sorbents
  • Medicines
  • Catalysts
  • Pigments
  • Other materials

Whether you deal with materials in the micro, meso or macropore range, Delft Solids Solutions is the characterization laboratory that can help you with swift and accurate solids and powder analysis services.

In our advanced test facilities solids and powders can be subjected to a wide array of material characterization methods, ranging from particle shape characterization to the determination of the density, active metal surface area and metal dispersion of a variety of materials.

In addition to being your dedicated solids and powder characterization lab through porosity testing and other materials characterization techniques, Delft Solids Solutions can also develop novel porous materials for and with you.