May 12, 2016

Sieve analysis test

Sample analysis by Delft Solids Solutions: the sieve analysis test

The sieve analysis test is a traditional method of particle size distribution analysis of granular material.

Since size distribution is a major factor when it comes to the way a material performs in use, the sieve analysis method is still a very powerful tool in particle size analysis.

If you’re looking for an experienced sieve analysis laboratory to perform this test, you need look no further: materials analysis lab Delft Solids Solutions can perform sizing analysis in the Netherlands for you on a wide variety of samples, using the best and latest equipment.

As a sieve analysis laboratory we possess mechanical as well as sonic sieves and can handle particle sizes ranging from approximately 37 µm to 10 mm. The materials characterization analysis is performed on ATM, Retsch or Stork Veco sieves. Sieve analysis test results are given in sieve fractions and in cumulative mass-derived particle size distributions.

Delft Solids Solutions: your particle size analysis lab

Particle size analysis can provide valuable information on the behavior of solids and powders during storage, transport and handling.

The sieve analysis test is one of the conventional analysis methods that are often used in particle sizing analysis, as is gravitational sedimentation analysis for instance.
More modern methods include image analysis techniques or light scattering analysis methods such as laser diffraction analysis.

All of these lab research methods have their specific advantages and disadvantages. And all of them have one thing in common: they are a materials analysis service offered by the specialists of contract analysis laboratory Delft Solids Solutions.

Apart from the sieve analysis test and many other particle size analysis methods, our lab also carries out porosity analysis and surface area analysis, as well as chemical composition analysis on gases, liquids and solids (including thermogravimetry analysis, neutron activation analysis and X-ray fluorescence analysis, for instance).

Offering these and a wide range of other physical characterization techniques, we serve clients the world over. For more information please take the effort to fill in our contact form.