May 12, 2016

Thermogravimetric analyzer

The thermogravimetric analyzer: accurate testing by the specialists of Delft Solids Solutions

A thermogravimetric analyzer is used to determine changes in a material’s weight as it is heated, cooled or kept at constant temperature. This instrument can be found in some specialized analytical laboratories, such as those of Delft Solids Solutions – an independent lab service in Delft, the Netherlands.

Our versatile and accurate TGA equipment can operate within a temperature range of 30°C to 1300°C, is suited for different atmospheres, and possesses a lower mass furnace that allows fast heat-ups and cool-downs.
Thermogravimetric analyzer measurements, a useful technique for the determination of characteristics of polymers and various other materials, are amongst the many laboratory service solutions we offer.

Delft Solids Solutions also can you be trusted particle size analyzers, accurately determine the chemical composition of your solids or develop novel porous materials for you. With our expert staff, laboratory and analytical instruments we are happy to help you, no matter where you are located.

Delft Solids Solutions laboratory: analytical instruments at your service

At the Delft Solids Solutions laboratory analytical instruments of the highest quality are used to provide you with the data you need. Amongst our many instruments is a highly accurate thermogravimetric analyzer that can be used, for instance, to determine the thermal stability of materials.

Other lab services include, amongst others,

  • Scanning electron microscopy for the visualization of solid materials
  • X-ray fluorescence analyzer measurements for the qualitative and quantitative determination of the chemical composition of liquids and solids
  • Materials characterization using density analyzer and porosity analyzer equipment

Whether you need reliable thermogravimetric analyzer data of your materials, a solution to other complex analytical problems in materials science or the development of new porous materials: our specialized personnel is happy to help you, using our top-quality laboratory analytical instruments and expertise.