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Domaines d'expertise

Delft Solids Solutions is a CRO specialized in the physical aspects of solid matter often in the form of powders and granules; typically how they are practiced in industry. We have over 40 years of experience in the expertise areas of porosity and surface area of solids, size and shape of particles, composition and solids behavior. Based on this expertise, we provide a wide range of unique services ranging from research of materials’ properties, development of new techniques, methodologies and equipment, innovative research projects for materials development, consultancy in powder technology as well as expert courses and seminars on these topics. We offer these services to a variety of industries such as the pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical, automotive, food and feed, cosmetics, paints and coating, and building materials industry.

  • Compartement des materiaux
  • Porosité et Surface
  • Taille et Forme
  • Composition