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Practical Course Spray Drying 2024 – Germany

Date(s) - 26 November 2024 - 27 November 2024
13:30 - 18:00


Practical Course Spray Drying 2024 - Germany


Why the course Spray drying?

We are pleased to announce the organization of the spray drying course this time in Germany, together with partner company IP&D experts and Professor Andreas Bück from the University of Erlangen.

The processing and making of powders and granules is of great importance for various branches of industry, in particular the pharmaceutical, food and feed industry. Spray drying is a critical unit operation that involves a lot of (valuable) material, consumes quite some energy, and requires substantial expertise and knowledge about its operation. Spray drying still is mainly an empirical routine, although the theoretical and practical knowledge on this subject is still increasing. Also more and more techniques become available to mimic the behavior of slurries and partly dried material in the spray dryer, including an improved understanding of hardware settings and materials’ properties. This course provides the necessary theoretical and practical skills in order to understand, design and execute spray drying experiments: the practical course on spray drying

For whom?

You are a process engineer, operator, mechanical engineer, food technologist with a bachelor or academic background and you are working in an industry where solids are processed or manufactured. Also as an R&D person, chemist or analyst being interested in these topics, one can greatly benefit from this practical course.



This course offers the following items:

  • Important items like air control, air distribution, particle trajectories, nozzle technology, heat and material balances, energy consumption, drying curves, stickiness and agglomeration.
  • Energy reduction options
  • Ins & outs of spray drier types
  • Many case studies from spray drying industry: reduce fouling, increase capacity, burning tower
  • Safety/ATEX
  • and…  practical demonstrations at FAU Erlangen



Among various readings and lectures there are short case studies AND one of course the demonstrations on a spray drying unit. We organize this course together with partner company IP&D experts, an established party in this area. This is already the 9th edition of the course!IP&D experts

This course excellently complements the knowledge that can be acquired in our Powders & Granules course that is held again in 2025.



The course consists of two days in November 2024 including lunches and diners and hotel accommodation (including breakfast).


End result

After the course you understand the basic concepts of spray drying units and the processes involved. You will be able to design a new or modify an existing spray drying process in such a way that it is optimally adapted to produce products with the desired properties. AND of course you can independently execute spray drying experiments.



Upon completion of the course you’ll receive a certificate of participation.

Other info

Location and dates


This course is held in Erlangen in Germany, where also a spray drying unit can be actually demonstrated to the participants during the course.

The course is scheduled for November 2024 and starts on November 26th at 13:30 and ends on November 27th at 18:00.

Financial investment

The investment in this course including handbook, lunches, diner and hotel accommodation (1 night including breakfast) amounts to:

€ 2.250,- ex. VAT when subscribing before the 10th of September 2024 and

€ 2.400,- ex. VAT when subscribing after the 10th of September 2024.



For more information on this course, you can reach us at +31 174 271 460.
Or send an email to info@solids-solutions.com


Please follow this link to subscribe for the spray drying course in 2024 (the link will open in a new window).