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Powder Flow seminar 2017

In our next seminar, which will be organized in October 2017, we will be focusing on the various topics connected with the theme of Powder Flow. Think of:

– Importance of Powder Flow, also in relation to particle properties
– Simple measurement methodologies to research and quantify powder flow
– Flow in hoppers and silos and the rational design thereof
– Rheological methods to study powder behaviour
– Consolidation and caking in Big Bags
– Stickiness of powders due to exposure to variable temperature and/or humidity
– Hardware processing tools to avoid, suppress, or overcome undesired flow problems

We also aim to have an interactive workshop in the afternoon where participants will work in teams to put things into practice.
We will soon launch a dedicated page to provide more detailed information on the Powder Flow seminar.

The following details are already known:

Location: WorldHotel Wings in Rotterdam
Date: One day in 2nd or 3rd week of October 2017