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Nanomaterials & Sub-micron Particles Technology Day 2023

Date(s) - 9 May 2023
08:45 - 17:00

Van Der Valk hotel Delft A4

Nanomaterials & Sub-micron Particles Technology Day 2023


Nanomaterials & Sub-micron Particles Technology day 2023

In September 2023 we will organize in close collaboration with a number of partner companies the Nano Materials & Sub-micron Particles Technology day covering different themes associated with small particles, their peculiar properties and applications, regulations, health, safety and exposure, and measurement possibilities.
Institutions that have already confirmed to contribute to the lecture program are TSI, TNO RAPID, Malvern/Sysmex, CPS Europe, VSParticle, University of Munster, Joint Research Centre EC, TNO CBRN, and Delft Solids Solutions.


Lectures and case studies delivered during this seminar will be devoted to e.g.


  • What to know about nano concerning their properties and applications?
  • Nano in relation to safety and workplace exposure
  • Legislation and regulation associated with the use of small particles
  • Measurement techniques for small particles in the air: aerosols
  • Dust and nano dust assessment
  • How to identify and characterize sub-micron particles in products

The seminar offers an interactive program designed for anyone who is working in the field of powder and particle handling, processing and optimization, formulation, product development, particle performance, health, safety and regulations. As we have scheduled a variety of lectures that are applicable to all industries ranging from life science, food, feed, pharmaceutical and cosmetics to chemicals, as well as regulation, this seminar is of interest to a very broad audience including regulatory officers. The main goal of this event is sharing knowledge on the emerging theme of nano materials and small particles.


The seminar ends with a networking event in the hotel bar.


Practical information

Date: 12 September 2023

Location: Van der Valk Hotel Delft A4, Den Hoorn


8:45 – Arrival with coffee/tea

Cost: € 450,- (excl. VAT)


Coordinates of the hotel are:

Peuldreef 3, 2635 BX Den Hoorn, The Netherlands


A route description can be found under this link.


Program and Presentations

The seminar program is final ! Please find below the lectures and speakers on the various topics including time table.


8:45   Arrival and welcome with coffee/tea


9:15   Opening and Introduction


9:30   Samir Salameh – Department Chemical Engineering – University of Münster, Germany

             “ Properties of Nanoparticles – from Spherical Chickens to Flow Behaviour ”


10:10  Sander Ruiter – TNO RAPID, The Netherlands

             “ Sensors for Monitoring Exposure to Nano (Particles) at the Workplace ”


10:40  Coffee/tea Break


11:00  Torsten Tritscher – TSI, Aachen, Germany

             “ Characterizing Airborne Particles in the Nano- and Micrometer Size Range ”


11:30 Shannon Groen – Delft Solids Solutions, Wateringen, The Netherlands

             “ Dustiness Assessment – Moving from the Micrometer into the Nano Scale Regime “


12:00  Vikram Kestens – European Commission – Joint Research Centre, Geel, Belgium

             “ Legislation and Measurement Methodologies Regarding Nano in the European Union “


12:30   Lunch


13:30  Sandra Remijn – Sysmex/Malvern, Etten-Leur, The Netherlands

             “ Particle Size and Concentration Measurement with Nano Particle Tracking “


14:00  Marc Steinmetz – CPS Europe, Oosterhout, The Netherlands

             “ The Use of Differential Centrifugal Sedimentation to Comply with European NanoParticle Guidelines “


14:30 Break with coffee/tea/drinks


15:00  Aaike van Vugt – VSParticle, Delft, The Netherlands

             “ New Nanoparticle Production Technology Needed to Enable Production of Green Hydrogen ”


15:30  Arjan van Wuijckhuijse – TNO CBRN, Rijswijk, The Netherlands

             ” Detection and Identification of Submicron-sized Materials to Determine Sources of Contamination “


16:00 Closure followed by network event in the hotel bar


17:00 End


Subscription to the event cannot be done anymore – we look forward to a new edition of the event.


The brochure of the seminar will be available soon…