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Powder Hands-on Day 2019

Date(s) - 22 October 2019

Delft Solids Solutions

Powder Hands-on Day 2019


Powder Hands-on day 2019

On Tuesday October 22, 2019 we will organize our first hands-on day, in which we will actively work with you on various instruments devoted to powder and particle characterization. In this way, you learn how to practically use various techniques and you understand the challenges associated with using these instruments to determine different powder and particle properties.
Challenges that one can face during particle size analysis are e.g. disintegration of agglomerates during wet and dry dispersion and the wetting of powders with liquids; in case of porosity and surface area assessment low surface area materials, very tiny amount of sample material and dealing with large sample sizes will be touched upon.

In contrast to our courses and seminars, in the hands-on day we will spend most of the time in the laboratory. We will actively be working with and on instruments and set-ups used for measuring particle size, for investigating particle shape, analyzing the surface area of materials, determining the pore size distribution and the porosity and also working on quantification of the dustiness of materials, also in relation to the other intrinsic parameters.

The hands-on day will be mostly experimentally oriented. Each practical part will be preceded by a short presentation on what the equipment and technique comprises. You will then be working in small groups of 3-4 persons under the guidance of an experienced researcher.

This event is particularly suitable for people active in the laboratory and working on these or related techniques, researchers and managers that have to judge validity and meaning of the results, and technicians that are interested in the practical aspects of powder and particle measurement techniques.


Practical information

Date: Tuesday October 22nd, 2019

Location: Delft Solids Solutions laboratory, Wateringen, The Netherlands

8:30 – Arrival with coffee/tea
Cost: € 525,- (excl. VAT)

Coordinates of the laboratory:

Molenweer 2 B, 2291 NR Wateringen, The Netherlands



Please find below a preliminary structure of the experimental program that each of the small groups will be working on:

  • Physical gas adsorption (BET) for specific surface area
  • Mercury intrusion porosimetry for porosity and pore size distribution
  • Laser diffraction for particle size over wide size ranges
  • Image analysis for detailed information on shape besides particle size information
  • Electrical sensing zone for high-resolution particle size analysis
  • Rotating drum and continuous drop for dustiness potential quantification


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