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Safety in chemical-analytical laboratories 2019

Date(s) - 28 November 2019
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Safety in chemical-analytical laboratories 2019


Why the “Safety in Chemical Analytical Laboratories” course?

Do you think there is room for improvement in safety in your laboratory? This course will introduce you to all aspects, regulations, practical situations and points of interest involved. This will enable you to increase and maintain safety in your daily laboratory activities. The course will be given by our guest lecturer Iris van ‘t Leven of Iris-Advies in Arnhem.

For whom is this course intended?

This course is of interest to (lead) analysts, employees and heads of analytical and chemical laboratories. You think and work at least at MBO level. You want to be able to assess workplace risks yourself and know what to do to control these risks. This course is also suitable if you work in an environmental laboratory, in the food and beverage industry, chemical industry or clinical chemistry.


The Safety in Chemical Analytical Laboratories course introduces you to the following topics:

  • Risk assessment and control
  • Properties and safe use of chemicals, gas cylinders and cryogenics
  • Safe use of instruments
  • Storage and waste collection
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Material safety data sheets
  • Glassware
  • Fume cupboards and other extraction equipment
  • What to do in case of emergencies.

You will receive lectures on the main safety risks present in laboratories. Using practical exercises, you will learn to assess the risks in more detail, with an emphasis on chemicals. The Safety in Chemical Analytical Laboratories course includes the following practical exercises:

  • Prioritizing risks.
  • Applying a source-based approach
  • Interpreting safety information.

In addition, you will be shown a video on the safe use of fume hoods and eye and emergency showers.


The Result
After the course, you will be able to assess the work in your workplace for a variety of safety aspects. You will also know how to test these aspects against internal and external regulations. In addition, you can formulate measures to control these risks. Where you are unable to take measures yourself, you will know what possibilities there are for bringing in external help. You are now able to work properly and safely in your own laboratory!

The diploma
After successful completion of the course you will receive a certificate of participation.

Other info

Time entry
The course will last one day: November 28, 2019.

Financial investment
The investment for the course is as follows:
Course fee € 645 (excluding 21% VAT).


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