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FEZA conference on zeolites and related materials, France

Dr. Johan Groen of Delft Solids Solutions will present an oral lecture in the FEZA conference.
The presentation entitled “Boosted Alkylation Performance of Desilicated Mesoporous Mordenite” will elaborate on the enhanced activity and improved selectivity and stability of the mesoporous mordenite catalyst obtained by a desilication post-treatment. Introduction of mesopores in the purely microporous matrix effectively shortens the micropore diffusion path length and improves the accessibility of the zeolites crystals. Combined with the preserved acidic properties in the hierarchically architectured mordenite, this leads to a more efficient utilization of the zeolite matter.
The FEZA conference is devoted to state-of-the-art research activities in the field of zeolites and other porous materials. The meeting will be held from 2-6 September 2008 in College de France in the heart of Paris, France.

Further details can be found at: FEZA2008