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Granulation 2016

Date(s) - 25 October 2016
All Day

Worldhotel Wings, The Hague Airport Hotel & Conference Centre, Rotterdam

Granulation 2016


Granulation day 2016

On Tuesday October 25th 2016, we will organize in close collaboration with a number of partner companies the Granulation day 2016 covering the themes of granulation and agglomeration from different perspectives. Meanwhile contributions from Abbott Healthcare, DSM, GEA, Hosokawa Micron, Hosokawa Alpin, Tetra Pak and Glatt have been confirmed.

Lectures will be devoted to e.g.

  • spray-drying
  • low-shear granulation
  • high-shear granulation
  • fluid-bed granulation
  • applications of granulation in pharmaceutical industry
  • use of granulation in instant products.


The seminar offers an interactive program designed for anyone who is working in the field of powders, agglomerates and/or granules. The main goal is sharing knowledge on this intriguing topic. Whereas the first part of the seminar consists of half-an-hour lectures by manufacturers of equipment and researchers active in this field, the second part will be a highly interactive workshop in which participants will work in teams on different case studies including a plenary presentation of each team and discussion.


Practical information

Date: October 25th 2016, start time 9.30 a.m.

Location: Worldhotel Wings, The Hague Airport Hotel & Conference Centre, Rotterdam

Cost: € 395,- (excl. VAT)

Coordinates of the hotel are:

Rotterdam Airportplein 55, 3045 AP Rotterdam, The Netherlands

A route description can be found under this link.


Program and Presentations


Please find below a pdf version of the lectures delivered by the various speakers:

Johan Groen – Delft Solids Solutions

Wim Oostra – Abbott Healthcare Products

Mattijs Raadsen – Hosokawa Micron B.V.

Oskar Goldstein – GEA

Ursula Litzke – Glatt Ingenieurtechnik GmbH

Cris Beekman – Tetra Pak

Menno Logmans – Hosokawa Micron B.V.

Gabrie Meesters – DSM / TU Delft