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Size Reduction and Classification Day 2018

Date(s) - 30 October 2018

Worldhotel Wings, The Hague Airport Hotel & Conference Centre, Rotterdam

Size Reduction and Classification Day 2018


Size Reduction & Classification day 2018

On October 30, 2018 we will organize in close collaboration with a number of partner companies the Size Reduction & Classification day covering different themes associated with downsizing solids and particles in a controlled fashion.
Special emphasis will be given to the different types and mechanisms of milling and grinding devices but also on obtaining the desired particle size. Furthermore different oral contributions will discuss the impact of size on applications in food and pharma.

We already have confirmation of various international companies and experts for their participation in the program. Contributions from Hosokawa Alpine (Germany), Bühler (Switzerland), Jacobs Douwe Egberts, Aspen Oss B.V. , TUDelft and Delft Solids Solutions have been confirmed.

Lectures delivered during this seminar will be devoted to e.g.

  • Why do we need smaller particles?
  • Selection of milling devices for processing larger entities.
  • Challenge of milling difficult materials and reduction to very fine sizes.
  • How do we obtain the desired particle size fraction?
  • The role of milling and particle size in food taste experience.
  • Micronization in relation to pharmaceutical applications.
  • How do we confirm having the desired particle size?

The seminar offers an interactive program designed for anyone who is working in the field of solids and granular material and deals with downsizing larger solid materials into finer ones depending on the material and… on the application. Such applications can be bulk productions involving tons of solid matter per unit time, but also niche applications where very small quantities of fine powders are required.

Besides lectures, part of the afternoon session will also be devoted to hands-on activities. The main goal of this event is sharing knowledge on this theme. The seminar ends with a networking event in the hotel bar.


Practical information

Date: Tuesday October 30th, 2018

Location: Worldhotel Wings, The Hague Airport Hotel & Conference Centre, Rotterdam

8:45 – Arrival with coffee/tea
Cost: € 395,- (excl. VAT)

Coordinates of the hotel are:

Rotterdam Airportplein 55, 3045 AP Rotterdam, The Netherlands

A route description can be found under this link.


Program and Presentations

The seminar Size Reduction and Classification 2018 has been organized on October 30th, 2018.

Please find below a pdf version of the lectures delivered by the various speakers:

Wim Oostra – Abbott Healthcare Products – Why and How to Reduce Particle Sizes ?

Steffen Sander – Hosokawa Alpine Germany – Basic Mechanisms in Dry Size Reduction and Classification Processes

Norbert Kern– Bühler Switzerland – Size Reduction & Dispersion in Wet Phase

Louk Peffer– Delft Solids Solutions – How to Confirm Adequate Milling and Classification?

Marketta Uusi-Penttilä – Aspen Oss B.V. – Micronization in Pharmaceutical Industry

Guido van Laarhoven – Laarmann – Sample don’t Gamble – Not yet available

Aart Biesheuvel – Jacobs Douwe Egberts – The Role of Coffee Grinding in Flavour Delivery – Can only be obtained upon explicit approval of the owner


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