Two new scientific research papers published on desilication

Close cooperation with two leading research institutes in Europe has led to two new research contributions in scientific journals.

The first paper describes the full compositional flexibility of the desilication post-treatment leading to combined micro- and mesoporous zeolites over the full range of Si/Al ratios. This confirms the universality of the desilication treatment for preparation of hierarchical zeolites.

“Full Compositional Flexibility in the Preparation of Mesoporous MFI Zeolites by Desilication”, J. Phys. Chem. C. 115 (2011) 14193-14203.

The other contribution evidences that substantial alleviation of diffusional limitations by introduction of mesopores in the microporous matrix not only occurs in large-crystal zeolites, but also in nano crystalline commercial zeolites. This emphasizes the practical implication of the desilication treatment for commercial applications in which nano crystalline zeolites are employed.

“Influence of Crystal Size and Probe Molecule on Diffusion in Hierarchical ZSM-5 Zeolites Prepared by Desilication”, Microporous Mesoporous Mater. (2011) in press.