April 14, 2020

Product development by granulation

Granulation transforms a powder material into larger entities. These larger granules are more free flowing and display less dust compared to the parent powder materials. Moreover, the granular matter is typically more easy to handle and display easy dosing. Granulation also avoids segregation of powder mixtures since the indivudal particles of different composition cannot freely move around anymore.

Different granulation set-ups are available in our field testing area. Granulation can be executed by means of a disc pelletizer or by high shear granulation equipment.

During granulation in the disc pelletizer, hardly any shear forces are applied to the sample materials and therefore the granules display a rather open structure.

In contrast, the application of high-shear granulation experiments results in more dense granules with clearly different properties.

So depending on the requirements, specific properties such as granule size, porosity, hardness, etc. can be donated to the granules for an optimal performance in the desired application, such as instant products