April 28, 2020

Product development by coating particles

In our field testing area laboratory, we can apply coating of particles, granules,  and related solid materials on different types of instruments. We have pan coaters and drum coaters available for different coating processes in which we can apply a variety of coating conditions from low to higher temperature and with aqueous as well as non-aqueous coating materials.

Coating of materials is used for a variety of reasons that can be focussed on increased resistance, creation of improved or new functionality.

Think about protection of the original material against external influences such as moisture, air, carbon dioxide, UV light. The coating should thus withstand these external factors. Also coating is used to increase the mechanical stability against attrition and abrasion forces. Well-known from the pharmaceutical industry but also in e.g. crop protection is the phenomenon of controlled release or slow release to obtain dosage over a longer period of time. In certain cases coatings are also used to inprove powder flow by e.g. creation of a smoother or more inert surface.

Coating of particles is applied in many different industries such as the food and feed industry and in the pharmaceutical and medical devices industry. We have worked for different customers and can gladly assist with your query.