April 2, 2020

Product development by milling

For milling solid materials we make use of equipment with different mixing principles in our field testing area:

Our ultracentrifugal mill effectively reduces the solid to a well defined size distribution  by means of a high speed rotor mill with sieve screens that are present in the actual milling chamber. These sieve screens can be exchanged for shitfting the size distribution to smaller or lower sizes.We also use this equipment for cryogenic milling, applied to flexible, soft, or temperature sensitive materials. The lower particle size range that can be attained is in the order of 40-50 micrometers.

For reaching even smaller particle sizes, a different principle of ball milling is used. The ball mill can go down to approx. 10 micrometers in size although it should be noted that this ball mill methodology is most effective with relatively small sample sizes.

During the milling procedures, particle size analysis can be used to confirm the effectiveness of the milling procedure by measuring the particle size distribution and verify whether the desired size has been reached.